Dragonfly’s Philosophy

The philosophy of Dragonfly is “simplicity in presentation and complexity in creation” and all dishes at the restaurant embrace this ethos. The menu consists of classic Asian dishes, which the team are constantly updating, by deconstructing and reinterpreting with modern twists. By using standards, methods and ingredients reaped from diverse cultures – Japanese product quality, French technique, Thai flavours and Chinese spices – and combining them, Dragonfly boasts a menu that has cosy elements of familiarity as well as thrilling new additions.

Dragonfly’s interior works as the perfect counterpart to the sophisticated simplicity of its dishes, offering a lush sanctuary of bold colours and luxurious textures. A plethora of colourful lanterns adds atmosphere and personality to the venue, creating a quaint yet visually arresting setting – a hallmark of all Tim Raue restaurants.

Tim Raue

Berlin-born Tim Raue had a creative flair that he wanted to channel into architecture. Without the money to fund his studies, Raue chose to enter the kitchen instead – the most creative option available to him at the time. From these humble beginnings, the passionate chef built an international brand recognised today for its creative culinary concepts, world-class dining experiences, unique interiors and heartfelt hospitality.

Under the Tim Raue brand sit a number of gourmet restaurants including his namesake Michelin two-star ‘Restaurant Tim Raue’ in Berlin, as well as ‘Sra Bua’ at the legendary Kempinski Hotel Adlon, and ‘La Soupe Populaire’ at Bötzow, Berlin – both of which he nurtures as culinary advisor.

Raue’s style of cooking is a unique unification of European technique and Asian flavour. It was during visits to Asia as a culinary consultant that Raue first discovered his passion for Asian cooking. Seduced by the simple beauty of Japanese cuisine, the bold mix of Thai flavours and the ancient traditions used in Chinese cooking, he took the best of each to create the ultimate in fusion cuisine. Dragonfly Dubai – an exciting celebration of Pan-Asian cooking – is his first restaurant outside of Germany.

With the Restaurant Tim Raue I fulfilled a lifelong dream – the other projects, however, enable me to exploit culinary freedom and the possibility to make real the many ideas I have.

Christian Singer

Head Chef de Cuisine - Dragonfly

Born in Mühlacker, a city in Baden-Württemberg, Christian began his culinary journey at restaurants in the south of Germany and in Austria. The restaurants he worked at included Rud-Alpe set on a ski slope, Adler Asperg - awarded with one Michelin Star and LandhausBacher, a restaurant in Austria bestowed with two Michelin Stars, where he worked as a Sous Chef.

In summer 2011, Christian began to work under the mentorship of Tim Raue. Since then, he has not only grown into the role of Chef de Cuisine of Restaurant Tim Raue but he also holds the position of Culinary Director and assists Tim Raue with all new openings and trainings.

A Glance at Tim Raue’s World

In addition to owning and managing his own restaurants, Tim Raue acts as a consultant for successful culinary concepts around the globe, infusing his rake on urban cuisine into different ideas and creating extraordinary venues.

Restaurant Tim Raue

Two Michelin star ‘Restaurant Tim Raue’, managed by Tim Raue and his business partner Marie-Anne, presents Asian-inspired cuisine characterised as a blend of Japanese product perfection, Thai aromas and Chinese culinary philosophy.

La Soupe Populaire tim raue

The ‘La Soupe Populaire Tim Raue’ is part of the Atelierhaus, where changing contemporary art exhibitions are shown. Working in collaboration with this concept, Tim Raue and his team create a menu for each exhibition that is inspired by the works of art shown. The restaurant is temporarily closed due to a massive refurbishment.

Sra Bua by Tim Raue

‘Sra Bua' meaning lotus pond in Thai, presents an exotic and exceptional gastronomic concept developed by the Kempinski Group. It harmoniously blends complex Asian tastes with the individual culinary signature of Tim Raue.

Brasserie Colette Tim Raue

Infusing a touch of urban style into the grand French brasseries of the 19th century, this is an upmarket chain of restaurants that offers superlative value and sensational flavours within exceptional settings.

Hanami by Tim Raue at TUI Mein Schiff 5

Opened in July 2016, this exclusive concept presents modern interpretations of Japanese and Chinese culinary styles within superlative settings. Diners can enjoy classic sushi and sashimi, as well as a wide variety of signature dishes, prepared in consultation with Tim Raue.